2. Why LCHF (Low carb, high fat) or Keto?

The low fat craze was supposed to help us lose weight and boost our health, but  it did the opposite. Today’s generation is now fatter than ever, and our health system is in a crisis!!! Whats more is our Ummah seems to be steadily getting fatter and sicker and reliant on meds to control their illnesses n diseases But wait! Were we not taught by our Prophet (SAW)  to eat halaal n tayyib? Were we not taught to keep one third stomach for food, one third for water n the other third for air?

Contrary to popular belief, we have been eating natural, saturated fat and foods for thousands of years so why was it suddenly touted as being unhealthy? Why were we now being told to eat fake fats (Margarine n seed oils), grains n fake food? Why were we suddenly getting fatter n fatter? Why?
Could it be that all our packaged foods (with added sugars n chemicals to increase their shelf life) aka ‘fake foods’ were increasing us in hunger after short spans of time + increasing us in inflammatory conditions was the real culprit?

LCHF or Keto is simply a lifestyle that emulates a more natural, ancestral diet; before we adopted low-fat mania. It means less carbohydrates, moderate protein, and plenty of natural fats like butter, meat-fats and coconut oil.

Why LCHF or Keto aren’t diets but lifestyles:
Diets are about deprivation. LCHF is about indulgence. Diets are about feeling hungry. LCHF is about feeling satisfied.Diets perpetuate fat phobia. LCHF embraces healthy fats Dieting induces cravings. LCHF does the opposite. Dieting is hard. LCHF is simple. Dieting creates addictions. LCHF cures addictions. Diets often leads to binges.LCHF can keep you full for ages Diets often leave us feeling tired and worn out. LCHF is all about energy. Diets create nutrient deficiencies. LCHF is nourishing. Diets breed failure. LCHF makes success easy. Diets normally see the weight come back. LCHF is for life InshaAllah.


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