H.2. Starting my hifz journey.

My youngest daughter had begun preschool and madrassa and I now found myself with a whole lot of free time. It had been worrying me for ages that my quraan tajweed was not good enough and needed some brushing up  and there were some surahs I had learnt in the past that were gone rusty. I just had to fix this up now that I had the chance to. 

I made a firm intention to  start improving my tajweed and to start relearning and brushing up on surahs I had learnt in the past (approx 1 and quarter para)

Since my teenage daughters were attending madrassa in the afternoon to do hifz of special and selected surahs I realised it would be easiest for me to just join them in madrassa and learn whilst they did. I was afterall dropping them off and fetching them again after an hour or so.

Fortunately their Apa ( Hifz teacher) was a friend of mine and allowed me to do so, making me feel very comfortable and assisting me with my tajweed mistakes as well. Alhamdulillah in a short span of time this was achieved. I had achieved my goal and now had to decide what I wanted to do next.

My eldest son (a Hafez) insisted that  I continue further and not stop. I was very tempted because there was a special sweetness I was feeling,  memorising the quraan. It was also awesome to be able to recite new verses in salaah and I wished to continue experiencing this.

As the thought of completing the entire quraan was too overwhelming for me to contemplate (I was in my early forties afterall), I decided to simply set myself goals of learning selected surahs and learning them one after the other. Alhamdulillah I now had a new challenge to fill up my free time.


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  1. khaltoummibraheem says:

    May Allah Grant you succes and make you (and me) hafidha!


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