4 . Bulletproof tea/coffee/cocoa

Bulletproofing your tea/coffee/cocoa is a term commonly coined amongst lowcarbers. It means adding healthy fat/fats to your beverages, to replace your carbs. Most of us have been made to fear fat over the years (by the media and its so called healthy guidelines) so we suffer from fat phobia. Yet every cell in our body has a membrane that’s made of fat. If we don’t get enough fat, our cells won’t work properly. Hormones won’t be made in the right amounts thereby causing blood sugar to spike, and we then experience fatigue, foggy brains and the urge to eat or snack again.

Adding good healthy fat to your tea/coffee/cocoa will not only be much more satiating but will also reduce the urge to be constantly eating/snacking. These drinks definitely had an impact on my own weight loss, and have also helped many others with various health concerns. By eating lesser and choosing to eat wholesome nutrient rich foods (when you do eat), your body gets time to cleanup and sort out body repair and maintainance.

Note however that if one is not used to consuming extra fat, it could cause loose bowels, nausea and other temporary digestive upsets. Many of our bodies have been so used to a low-fat diet (low fat milk, skinless chicken, fat-free/low fat foods etc) that we need to give the body time to adjust and get used to having more fat in our diet. Its therefore better to start with about 1 teaspoon of either coconut oil, butter, mct oil, ghee or cream stirred or blended in your beverage.

Over time you may work your way up to a full 1 tablespoon or 2 of good fats. Many lowcarbers often skip breakfast and survive till lunch or even later, food free by consuming only bulletproof  beverages and water. Its amazing how the good fats fuel the body and in fact many claim they are more alert skipping breakfast and having the body utilise fat they consumed and their own body fat for its fuel. Its common to see body measurements reduce when the body goes into ketosis (fat burning for fuel).

Bulletproof recipe:
1 cup boiling water
Tea, coffee or cocoa
1 tsp or tblsp coconut oil, butter,  mct oil, ghee or cream
Sweetner if required (xylitol, stevia or erythitol)

Brew your beverage as desired. Stir in your healthy fat and blend. Use a blender or battery-powered milk frother if you so wish and blend well. Enjoy!

This beverage should give you lasting energy where you don’t need to eat for a few hours afterwards.


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