10. Fat Bombs

When I first heard of ‘fat bombs’ I had an idea of them being something explosive, only to learn they were actually ‘healthy fat treats’. They could however l soon discovered, cause explosive situations in the toilet, if one was not fat adapted OR if one over indulged on fat treats .        

Fat bombs are actually kinda like having healthy mini chocolates or bite sized dessert pieces .I was amazed to learn that some low carbers could actually eat a few instead of breakfast, and it could sustain them till lunch, keeping them energized and full for hours, plus often keeping their bodies in burning bodyfat for fuel mode.

‘Fat bombs’ can really help your diet especially if they contain the really good fats that your body needs. What’s great about them is that they satisfy your cravings and reduce the urge to reach out for chocolates, potato chips, or junk foods whenever you become hungry.

There are a wide variety of fat bomb recipes that you can find online in the form of treats, bite-sized snacks or even beverages like high fat smoothies. Many different ingredients can be used in them and there are various ways to prepare these tempting treats. This actually becomes like a healthy low carb cheat because you get to satisfy your body, without compromising your diet.

Fat bomb snacks also train you to crave good fats, protein, and low carbohydrates, which are very beneficial to your body. Ingredients used for fat bombs are usually butter, coconut butter or coconut oil, almond or nut butters, nuts, eggs, cream cheese, avocados, cocoa powder etc and sweeteners like stevia, xylitol n erythritol if required.

They are more affordable than buying readymade low carb chocolates and by making them yourself, it means you know exactly what they contain. They also help towards attaining or maintaining ketosis (fat burning for fuel). These are lovely treats for those who want to trim off the excess flab, yet still have a healthy and revitalized body.

What’s absolutely amazing about fat bomb snacks, is they don’t make you feel or appear as if you’re on a strict diet. This is because you have these tasty treats or morsels you can make and eat to satisfy your cravings. They definitely make a healthy meal or snack substitute, that doesn’t require you to starve yourself.

As many of you know by now, high carb diets cause the body to gain more weight, because your body converts the carbs into glucose. These are then converted  into fatty acids which if not utilized soon could cause weight gain. Fat bombs however stay longer in your stomach, making you feel satisfied for ages. They also reduce the amount of insulin in the blood, which  results in increased weight loss instead of fat storage.

There are many fat bomb recipes out there on the internet. Try to make yours out of healthy fat/fats that you like with preferably little or no sweetner. Also try to make them in small portion sizes so you don’t end up over indulging, which could lead to you feeling awful and nauseous. Also remember to not overindulge, as this is what often causes ones body to bulge!!!


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