H.6. Consistancy is The Key (Part 1)

​Many people doing hifz feel like its a race to reach the finish line. What they don’t realise is that it’s the quality that counts not the quantity. Sadly many go on to complete ASAP thinking that after their completion, they will come back to make their dor pakka. This often doesn’t materialise and they suddenly find themselves having lost the memory of most of Al-Quraan.

Algerian Shaykh Zakariya al-Siddiqi   (who teaches at the Institute of Human Sciences in France and is one of the foremost scholars of Quran today), told us the story of one of his friends, an engineering student, who was a ‘Freshman’ about to embark on a 5 year degree. Let’s call him Ahmed…

Ahmed was an intelligent student who followed one of the oft-forgotten Sunnah’s of Success…

Quran Memorization Tip 1: Wake Up Early

He woke up earlier than most people. In fact, he woke up on time to get to the Mosque to pray Fajr every day. When he got home from the mosque, instead of busying himself with the internet or watching television, he spent the first few minutes of each day memorising the Quran.

Quran Memorization Tip 2: Each Day Memorise Less Than You Think You Can

Ahmed made a firm commitment to memorise the Quran, but instead of rushing in and trying to memorise one or two pages each day (like his friends who gave up before long), he confined himself to learning 5 lines per day.This worked out to be about 20-30 minutes per day for him.

Quran Memorization Tip 3: Get Familiar First

In order to overcome the initial unfamiliarity with the new verses, he spent the first few minutes each day actually writing out the 5 lines of that day onto a small sheet of paper.He spent the next few minutes reciting them over and over, and then attempted to memorise them.

Quran Memorization Tip 4: Keep Today’s Verses Close At Hand

As Ahmed went about his day, he often found that he had a few chunks of time – several minutes each. During these times, such as waiting for the bus, or waiting for a teacher to turn up to a class, Ahmed would try to remember the 5 lines from that morning.

To aid his memory, he kept the sheet that he wrote out that morning folded in his pocket, and would pull it out if he was struggling.

Quran Memorization Tip 5: Use What You Memorise In Every Single Salah

To further support his memory, every prayer he prayed that day, he would recite the same 5 verses of Quran that he learned that morning. In each aka’, he would alternate between the 5 lines from that day, and the 5-10 lines he learned the previous days. And remember…

Quran Memorization Tip 6: Keep Track Of Your Goal

With the Uthmani script of the Quran, there are exactly 15 lines per page. So, by the end of the week, Ahmed had not only memorised 2 whole pages of the Quran, but he had written them out in full, too… a very blessed act if ever there was one.

Quran Memorization Tip 7: Perfect Your Tajweed As You Go

On the weekend, Ahmed would visit a local scholar of Quran recitation, and would revise with him the 2 pages he had just memorised, and have a go at the 2 pages he would be working on the following week. This way, he was certain to learn the Quran with accurate tajweed and beautiful recitation.


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