22. Mug Cakes…..Microwave Free + Caramel-Apple Mug Cake Recipe

For the many out there, who are tempted to try out keto or low carb mug cakes but can’t, simply because they don’t have a microwave or choose not to use one, this post is specially for you.
At the outset be aware that baking mug cakes minus the microwave, will take longer than a minute or two, plus would involve more labour intensive clean-up thereafter. Your first option would be making your keto batter whilst the oven was already in use and to bake them then. Your other option would be to make and bake a keto batter for a batch of few or more, which you could then freeze or refrigerate for later. But know that it would however mean, you’d need to preheat your oven and would need half an hour or more of electricity use.
Alas, these days just about everyone seems to be short of time, busy caught up in today’s rat-race, plus many would not feel a few mug cakes warrants the extra electricity consumption switching on the oven would entail. This was a dilemma I faced some time back, as I racked my brains to come up with a means of making low carb mug cakes, minus an oven or microwave.

 After failing to come right using my stovetop to bake mug cakes, I then happened to purchase an omelette maker and then realised I could bake my mug cakes in there quite successfully, though laughably they would be oblong and flattish in shape but I didnt care as they got done reasonably fast and were tasty, though not kinda resembling mug cakes in looks at all!!!
Not long after that I went for a few days to my mum’s place. Here I dusted off her electric twin pie-maker and tried my cakes in there and they came out much better in appearance. I learnt though through trial and error, that using paper cupcake cases made clean-up much easier and prevented cake bottoms from getting stuck. 

When my sister bought an electric cupcake maker/machine,  I discovered another great option for baking mug cakes. Sometimes the tops of these cakes would be a bit light in colour or underdone but these could be remedied by flipping them over or by placing them on a greased flatbed toaster or heated pan to brown further.

Please always ensure utensils or appliances are well greased before baking to prevent mugcakes getting stuck.This will ensure more successful baking and easier cleanup.
Here’s hoping the above info will motivate you all much more to start making healthier, wheat-free keto mugcakes AND since the other two recipes were received with such enthusiasm, here’s another recipe to keep you baking lchf style:

Caramel Apple Mug Cake

2 tblsp melted butter

1 tblsp xylitol + few drops liquid sweetner

1 tblsp coconut flour

¼ cup almond flour

½ tsp baking powder

1 egg ( beaten well)

½ tsp caramel essence

¼ cup grated apple (50g)

2 tblsp water

1 tblsp walnuts [optional]

Blend the above together well, adding in the beaten egg last. Pour into greased, heatproof mugs or bowls. Bake in appliance of choice till done. Makes 2 mug sized cakes or 4 muffin size ones.

Since our kids are on holiday here’s a nice blogsite to keep your eye on in future… for edutaining them:



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