28. Banting Rotis


In most Indian homes, roti is quite commonly served daily with meals. This flatbread is usually soft, light, tasty, sometimes crisp and greatly enjoyed with food. Usually one breaks off a piece of roti with the fingers, wraps it  around  a morsel of food and eats them using the fingers, licking the fingers thereafter. This way of eating with hands (that are washed prior to eating) is not only finger licking good but also aids in digestion.

Roti can also be laid down flat, have some sweet or savoury filling added to it in a linear form and be rolled up and eaten, kind of like a taco. Roti dough is usually a basic mix of flour, ghee/oil, salt and boiling water which is blended, kneaded, rolled out into discs and cooked or toasted on tawas or griddles, till freckled or golden brown on both sides .
Roti tastes delicious with curries, roasts, veggies, dhals, meats and even with fried chillies, pickles etc. Unfortunately it’s also usually made mostly using wheat flour. When I started reducing and guarding my carb consumption, I was alarmed to learn that if one cup of wheat flour yielded 3 rotis then the approx carb count of each roti was about 33g carbs per roti.
This was a bit too high for the 100 g daily carb allotment I was trying to adhere to. So I decided I should eat half roti instead, which would reduce my roti carb count to approx 17g carbs. In place of eating extra roti I often tried to substitute lettuce and other leafy veg for it. I also often ate more salads with my food since they were lower in carbs plus filling and high in nutrients.
And then I learnt of some banting roti/ wraps to  substitute AND…till this day am amazed at the various roti, wraps and bread recipes low carbers discover and share with others online. And so nowadays avoiding wheat rotis is not so difficult anymore. If I choose to eat a bit of wheat roti, I go ahead and do so, otherwise I go roti free or eat a banting roti, wrap or bread.
Once again let me inform you because banting rotis are high in fibre or fat, plus are pretty low in carbs, they are great for keeping the waistline slimmer n trimmer. In todays post I will share with you one of my favourite banting roti recipes and am hoping to share more banting roti recipes in future posts as well.

My Favourite Banting Roti Recipe:

  • 2 Tbsp almond flour
  • 2 tblsp coconut flour
  • 1Tblsp psyllium husks
  • Pinch of  salt

Mix the above ingredients with an equal  blend of hot milk and water. Roll into disc/s between bread plastic or bake paper. Lift it up carefully and place and cook it on a greased, heated griddle till freckled on both sides.

(Makes one small side-plate size roti or two smaller saucer size rotis)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Faieeza says:

    How much carbs is der in 1 banting roti?


    1. ketoqueen6 says:

      One large roti like the one in this post would be about 3.5 to 5 g net carbs (carbs minus fibre gives you net- carbs)…yet an average wheat flour roti could easily be 25g or more carbs.


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