32. Low Carb Cream Cheese Waffles:

Whenever you happen to be making a batch of waffles for the family, be sure to try out these for yourself at the same time.Not only are they super low carb, they are also so easy to whip up!  

They can easily be made when on holiday too, if you carry your waffle- maker along.  They look great, are super filling and are an almost instant waffle mix. 

All you need is eggs and cream cheese! Well, and some low carb topping/s of your choice. They can be used with sweet fillings ….whipped cream, low carb ice- cream, berries, choc chips etc OR with savoury fillings such as sliced cold meat, grilled cheese or to make a fried egg sandwich. Yum!

What’s also great is they can be made in advance and frozen too, for a rainy or hectic day. You would then just have to thaw them a bit and reheat them to make them hot and ready to eat. Knowing that you made them from scratch without using a pre-mix makes them even more special and  satisfying.

Low Carb Cream Cheese Waffles

2 eggs

70 g cream cheese

1 tblsp almond flour (optional)

In your blender or bowl blend together your eggs and cream cheese (and almond flour if using) until you get a thin and bubbly waffle batter. Allow to rest a few minutes whilst you get out your waffle maker. 

Grease your waffle maker with cooking spray and/or coconut oil. Switch on and when fairly hot …pour in your batter ( without over-filling), cook it on open for a minute and then close and cook till done. Top with toppings of your choice and enjoy!

Topping Ideas:  (butter, sugar free syrup, whipped cream, low carb ice-cream, berries, nuts etc ) 

OR  (butter, cooked egg, cheese, sliced cold meat etc)


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