34. Mug Breads 2: Keto Buns

Many banters love burgers and are so happy to discover they can eat them on a keto or low-carb diet but alas …minus the bun. That means they can eat their meat patty, the salad on it, the cheese, the mayo or low-carb sauce but just that they hafta eat it bun-free or wrap it up in a a nice crunchy lettuce leaf instead. 

Some who are not strictly low-carbing, settle for eating only the base of the bun and discard the top half of the bun, in an effort to halve the carb count. And then you get those who just desperately yearn to have a low-carb bun option, where they can have a bun-like vessel to eat their patty and toppings. 

Well, others in the past felt like this too and in the low-carb world some innovative people have come up with some great low carb bun options that they have tried out n tweaked and what’s more ….have shared with others. May God bless all these kind souls!!!

So go ahead and do give todays reblogged low carb bun recipes a try and perhaps you may just have a new recipe gem to add to your weekly menu. 



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