38. Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum + Conversion Guide

Often people complain that lchf bakes lack the texture of normal wheat bakes esp the cripness of toast and cookies and the chewiness of other bakes. LCHF BAKES TEND TO BE MORE CAKEY IN TEXTURE!!! Well, I felt so too …till I started experimenting with gums and WOW! What a difference it makes adding small amounts of gums to certain recipes.

And for those who can’t find xanthan-gum at stores near them or find it too pricey, watch out for a future post when I discuss what I use to substitute for xanthan gum with great results.

Reblogged below are tips and conversions from the blog of an amazing woman I learnt alot from.


GUAR GUM and Xanthan GUM

If you are new to baking gluten free baking you may be thinking “What is the Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum?” and “Why do I need them?” Well, they help keep mixes from separating, they create a ‘chewy’ texture, and stop solid particles from settling to the bottom (like when the blueberries sink to the bottom of a coffee cake). You can use just one or the other; but for the best results, you can use a little of both. AND I say “a little” because “a little” goes a long way.

The gluten in white flour creates a paste when you mix it with water (in Poland, some use this to hang wallpaper!) This sticky concoction serves the same purpose that guar gum and xanthan gum do in gluten free baking.

One component of gluten free flours lack is that “chewy texture” that we crave when eating breads, adding this will help bring that texture back. The gluten in wheat thickens dough and traps air bubbles to make baked goods light and fluffy. Xanthan gum tends to help starches combine to trap air, while guar gum helps keep large particles suspended in the mix.

Guar gum is good for cold foods (“healthified” pancake syrup) while xanthan gum is better for baked goods. Foods with a high acid content (such as lemon juice) can cause guar gum to lose its thickening abilities. If all you have is guar gum when you are making a citrus baked good, just increase the amount of guar gum.


Cookies _____________________¼ tsp per cup of flour

Cakes and Pancakes___________¾ tsp per cup of flour

Muffins______________________1 tsp per cup of flour

Hot Foods (soups)_____________1-2 tsp per 1 quart of liquid

Cold Foods (pancake syrup)___1-2 tsp per quart of liquid


Cookies______________________¼ tsp per cup of flour

Cakes and Pancakes___________½ tsp per cup of flour

Muffins______________________¾ tsp per cup of flour

Hot/Cold Liquids_____________½ tsp per 8 oz. of liquid

*NOTE: people with severe allergies should use guar gum.


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