48. Easy Cheese Taco Bowl

In a previous post I discussed making wraps or tacos using cheese only, as an ingredient. Many readers liked that post, simply because it was easy, simple and quite pretty too. In today’s post I’m going to discuss something very similar and just as pretty but this time on how to make a ‘cheese taco bowl’ instead.

What if I were to tell you, you could melt a thin  layer of grated cheese over bake paper/silpat/silicone-mat in the form of a circle….cook for one and a half minute or less in the microwave till the cheese is completely melted and sizzling. Remove it from your microwave and after cooling it a minute on the bake paper or silpat , drape it over a bowl to cool completely and allow it to take the form of  a bowl? And then this beautiful bowl could be filled just before eating with a filling of your choice such as shredded meat, pizza sauce, mayo, sour cream, salsa etc and not only would it be a feast for the eyes but it would also be as amazing as eating a quick low carb pizza substitute. So here is how you go about making these:

Cheese Taco Bowl
50g grated Cheese ( about half cup)

Parchment Paper/bake paper or silicone mat + A Microwave

Spread the grated cheese thinly and evenly on the parchment paper (it has to be parchment or bake paper or a silpat as it won’t work with wax paper). Form a circle the size of a side-plate. Microwave for  60 to 90 seconds– depends on your microwave, till melted and sizzling. Cheese must be completely melted and should start getting crisp and brittle as it cools.  Let it sit for about 60 seconds, then peel off melted cheese from paper or silpat and drape it over an upside down bowl of preferred choice that you’re using. As it cools further, you can perhaps stretch and mould your cheese into a slightly deeper bowl if your cheese wrap still has room to stretch more. Let it cool and voila! A beautiful cheese taco bowl that should look stunning when you add your fillings and salsa or salad over.

Though your glass bowl gets slightly messy with grease,  you could just wipe it clean with a paper-towel and re-use it for shaping a second cheese taco bowl. Each of these should serve one or two people but it also depends on the fillings you add to it. You now have a cheese taco shell bowl that can actually hold your food filling and  fixings and what’s more, is it should not fall apart whilst eating! I like to reuse the same bake-paper again twice or thrice etc after wiping off the extra grease with a paper towel. Please try these out, they really do taste cheesy and tasty.


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