55. Double Decker Pressure-Cooking

Most of us are always keen on learning new cooking short-cuts, that will save on dishes and time in the kitchen. If you already own a pressure cooker then I hope that what I’m about to share with you today will be something life changing! That it will be something that will save you loads of time in future. And …that you will use some of the time saved to nurture and pamper yourself so that you become less stressed and a better care-giver. So lets discuss ‘double decker pressure cooking!’

As you all know, once you have sealed your pressure cooker and timed it,  you don’t stir or disturb your pot that is under pressure. You allow your food to cook and wait for it to be finished the allotted time and then go on to release pressure from your pot. Next you get to check if your food is cooked tender enough as desired. 

Unless you happen to be using a very small pressure cooker, chances are you have a lot of wasted space between your food level and pot lid. If you happen to be making rice, beans or legumes that boil and bubble and require that space then never attempt ‘double- decker pressure cooking’. 

However if you are cooking meat or roasts which actually shrink and don’t swell with cooking, then why not place a trivet or rack over that and attempt double-decker pressure cooking. You simply go and steam some other food item such as  carrots, cabbage chunk, veg etc or more meat perhaps over that on the rack simultaneously. You then close your pot and allow it to cook its allotted time and when it is done, you will have two pots worth of food prepped.

My family love having meat curries often and after braising my meat and adding sufficient water for it to cook till tender, I often add a stainless steel pot-rack over and place few whole peeled potatoes over. (reason I leave them whole is it prevents them cooking too fast and becoming mash) 

I then seal my pot and set my timer. When the time is up, I simply have to release steam, open my pot and using tongs remove my potatoes and trivet/rack. The potatoes are then cut into wedges and once I’m happy my meat is tender enough, get added to my meat curry. 

Other times I may be doing a small leg-roast in my pressure cooker and a batch of chops, or steak on my rack or trivet above it, for  another day. It saves me time plus electricity plus its good to know that I have a batch of tender meat ready in the fridge or freezer for another day or for unexpected guests. 

Lets hope todays post and tips gets more ‘potheads’ busy and productive in the kitchen churning out tasty home prepped meals.
Happy Double Decker Pressure-Cooking!!!


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