H17. How To Memorise Daily And Not Procrastinate:

Many of us lose out on valuable learning time daily,  simply because we want certain criteria met before we will exert outselves to do new hifz learning. As a result we often lose out on many days of valuable learning and are disappointed at the end of the month, when we realise we haven’t reached our expected targets and quotas. The link below shares some lovely motivation, tactics and lessons from a sister that should help one and all, especially those prone to procrastination.


People procrastinate in different areas of their lives and for different reasons. Unfortunately, I do it when I have to memorise.  I do it sometimes because I’m tired but the main reason it happens is because I’m a perfectionist.

Sounds strange I know but let me explain……

When it comes to memorisation, I have a detailed vision of how its meant to be which includes my surroundings, the amount I learn, the time it will take, the audio I listen to and the list goes on.  This may sound normal to some but my problem is, if I want to memorise and my very long list of criteria isn’t met, I’ll delay until it is.  Being a busy mother of small children and a home educator I can’t always afford to wait for the perfect time to memorise and most of the time once its gone, it doesn’t come back until maybe the following day. The last thing you want is to end another day feeling sad because you havent met all your targets.

It’s essential that we have a plan B to get ourselves out of this predicament of perfectionists procrastination (what a mouthful!!!)  and here is what works for me:

1- Get your Mushaf (copy of the Qur’aan) yes now, no time like the present.

2- Get a timer, any type will do, no need for anything too special.  I’ve used one on my mobile phone before and it worked great.  The only thing it needs is the ability to measure time and an alarm that goes off when your times up.  Heres one you can use online http://www.online-stopwatch.com

3- Go to the page your learning and count out the 1st 5 lines and round off where you need to i.e if I’m learning the 5th page of Suratul Baqarah I will only read ayah 25 even though its 4 lines.  I can’t read 5 lines as the next ayah is too long to add.

4- Familiarise yourself with those 5 lines so you can read them without any stops or hesitation.

5- Set your timer for 10mins and read those lines as fast as you can until the timer goes off.  Dont look left, right or up only down at the page,  its only 10minutes so if you want results you will need to FOCUS.  Regarding the speed I mean super-fast, we are aiming to say it at least 20times.  When the time is up, try to read without looking.  If you don’t have a friend to listen to you, you can try recording your voice and check with your Mushaf when you play it back (again I use my phone for this).   If you dont get it straight away go again for maybe 5 minutes.  Continue this for the rest of the page and pay special attention to connecting the ayaat together.


This method is specifically for the type of Mushaf that has 15 lines per page so the whole page is split into 3 and will take approximately  30 minutes in-shaa Allaah.  If you have a copy that has less or more lines per page, please make allowance for this with your times.

You can sit for 30 minutes straight or the super busy ones can split the times up throughout the day i.e 10 mins  in the morning, 10mins after Zuhr, 10mins after Maghrib etc.  A similar method can be used for review as well.

It works because one of the best ways to trick yourself out of procrastination is to tell yourself  “I’m only going to do a little bit”, after all  its only 10mins.

You don’t have to do a whole page either, all of these different methods can be adapted to suit your own personal ability.  With this method, in the beginning I think its best  not to specify an amount to learn but rather just an amount of time that you want to dedicate as this helps build confidence and also I find the more you specify the more likely you are to procrastinate if you have this problem and Allaah knows best.

Above all make lots of dua for yourself and ask Allaah give you zeal and to aid you in your memorisation and then launch yourself into action.
Wa billaahi At-Tawfeeq.


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  1. Masha Allah. I’ve been procrastinating the longest with my memorisation n will sure try to trick myself from mod on that I’ll be doing just a little bit insha allah . Barakallahu feeki . May Allah swt make your Hifz journey an easy road and grant u tawfeeq. Ameen


  2. ketoqueen6 says:

    Aameen. And may Allah swt make it easy for you and others persevering with hifz also.🌸⌚❤


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