H18. Hifz Memorization Tips

Memorization requires a lot of focus, and if you are motivated, you will notice the impact it has on your memorization.Try to keep yourself motivated by listening to famous Qaris, reading hadeeth, listening to lectures, and anything that helps you personally to make you WANT to read Qur’an. Without motivation, you will probably not stay consistent with memorizing. Whether you have a goal to memorize Surah Naas or memorize the entire Qur’an, its guaranteed that you will not succeed if you do not have something pushing you. To push yourself takes a lot of self-discipline. That’s why most people who want to memorize the Qur’an decide to go to an institution or go to a Qari or Hafiz to learn from them. Try finding a Qari that you love listening to. Every time you feel discouraged, listen to him. If you are simply bored, take a break. It is better to memorize when you are motivated.Today’s link discusses four very important things required for effective memorization.


1. A Teacher

When you go to a college or institution to specialize in something, you have teachers who are teaching you and constantly pushing you. If you try to learn something complex like this by yourself, chances are that your method may not be as effective. You might end up learning all the material, but it might take you ten times longer to do that because you do not have someone pushing you. Likewise, with Qur’an, there is a vital significance of having a teacher. The teacher’s job is to monitor you and assist you with achieving your goals. Their job is to make sure you do it correctly. Your teacher will be strict with you and push you every time you feel like quitting. The teacher has such a high status in Islam. After your parents, your teachers are to be treated with the most respect. Why? Because they are helping you attain knowledge. If you go to a madrassah and analyze the way students sit in front of their hifz teachers, you will be amazed. The students sit in a certain position, they respect the teacher, they do not talk back to them, they go dead silent when the teacher speaks, and many other respectful gestures. Over time, you build a connection with your teacher. Allah(SWT) is making you hafiz or is making you attain all the knowledge that you attain, but your teacher is the one who is delivering this knowledge to you. If you want to be dedicated to seeking Islamic knowledge or memorizing the Qur’an, a teacher is very important. 

2. Structure

The structure and organization of the way you memorize is very crucial. There are three main parts to memorizing the Qur’an successfully. If your goal is to memorize only one juz or even a few juz, the process is still relatively the same. The three components are:

Sabaq- The new lesson.

Sabaq Parah- The lessons from the beginning of the juz.

Dhor- The old lessons.

Sabaq means the new lesson. If you memorize a few lines or a few pages in a day, that is considered your Sabaq.

Sabaq Parah is usually from the beginning of the juz that you are memorizing all the way up to your Sabaq. For example, you are memorizing the third juz. If your new lesson is the beginning of the halfway mark of that juz, your Sabaq Parah will be from the beginning of the third juz all the way to the point of your Sabaq. 

Dhor is very important in the long run. It is everything that you have memorized. If you know 15 juz, you should review one juz every day. Once you have completed reviewing all the juz you have memorized, start over and do the same thing again. Dhor simply means review. Your Dhor for the day is one of the juz that you have already memorized.

Using these three things to memorize the Qur’an will benefit you greatly. It is the most common way to memorize and to review. Of course, there are other names that these three components can be referred as. 

3. Mushaf
Choosing a mushaf is an important decision. There are 15 lined Qur’ans and there are also 13 lined Qur’ans. Other ones are out there, but these two are the most common. Fifteen liners have fifteen lines on one page and each page ends on an ayah. Thirteen liners have thirteen lines and are usually a little easier to memorize with. One page in a fifteen liner is one and a half pages in a thirteen liner. 

Once you have chosen the type of Qur’an you want, make sure that it is durable and something that you really like. If you have a teacher, then you will have all your mistakes underlined, circled, or marked in different ways. Once you start using a certain type of Qur’an it will be difficult to memorize in another. For example, memorizing in a thirteen liner and fifteen liner at the same time is difficult. It will also interfere with the layout that you will imagine in your mind when you are reciting from memory. For most people, the pages are in their mind as they recite. Using two different formats of the Qur’an will confuse you while reciting. 

Most importantly, treat your Qur’an with respect and make it your best friend. You will be reading it day and night if you are serious about memorizing the Qur’an. The Qur’an will either be in your favor or will be against you on the Day of Judgement. You do not want the mushaf to speak out on that Day saying,” He recited my words while he was impure. He kept me on the floor. He showed no love for me…” Treat your Qur’an with respect and inshallah it will be in favor of you on the Day of Judgement.

If you want to memorize something perfectly, your undivided attention is required. You will benefit more from focusing on every single letter while you memorize in a short period of time than you would while reading carelessly. After reading for a long period of time, you will feel fatigued and want to take a break. Taking a break is a good idea, but don’t abuse the advice. If you feel bored or you find yourself zoning out constantly, either you get your thoughts together and focus or put it away and read later. Go big or go home.


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