63. More On Epsom Salt Benefits And Uses

Granny was right! We all need a dose of Epsom salts, time to time, to cure issues such as greasy hair, to a bloated stomach and lacklustre skin. Epsom salts are fast becoming a popular beauty and health staple. Costing a fraction of the price of other medicines and cures,  plus commonly available at  most local chemists or supermarkets- epsom salt is often hailed as a miracle fix. It’s used for curing ailments, reducing odour, killing fungus, enhancing nutrient absorption and also for fortifying one’s plants and  grass etc. Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring that was discovered at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. It has long been known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments. Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household, and gardening-related uses. Today’s post shares and teaches more benefits of using epsom salt, to help us simplify our lives, detox and get back to using more natural  ingredients to improve our health and strengthen our bodies.


Epsom Salt Uses: HEALTH
Athlete’s foot: Soak feet in an Epsom salt bath to help relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot.
Remove splinters: Soak affected skin area in an Epsom salt bath to draw out the splinter.
Treat toenail fungus: Soak your affected toes in hot water mixed with a handful of Epsom salt three times a day.
Soothe sprains and bruises: Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak to reduce the pain and swelling of sprains and bruises.
Ease discomfort of gout: Ease the discomfort of gout and reduce inflammation by adding 2–3 teaspoons of Epsom salts into a basin and immersing the affected foot/joint. The water should be as hot as it is comfortable. Soak for about 30 minutes.

Epsom Salt Uses: BEAUTY
Exfoliate dead skin: In the shower or bath, mix a handful of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of bath or olive oil and rub all over your wet skin to exfoliate and soften. Rinse thoroughly.
Exfoliating face cleanser: To clean your face and exfoliate skin at the same time, mix a half-teaspoon of Epsom salt with your regular cleansing cream. Gently massage into skin and rinse with cold water.
Dislodge blackheads: Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt and 3 drops of iodine into a half cup of boiling water. Apply this mixture to the blackheads with a cotton ball.
Remove foot odor: Mix a half cup of Epsom salt in warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes to remove bad odor, sooth achy feet, and soften rough skin.

Epsom Salt Uses: HOUSEHOLD
Clean bathroom tiles: Mix equal parts Epsom salt and liquid dish detergent and use as a scrub on bathroom tile.
Prevent slugs: Sprinkle Epsom salt on or near interior entry points to prevent slugs.
As a hand wash: Mix Epsom salt with baby oil and keep by the sink for an effective hand wash.
Clean detergent build-up on washing machines: Fill the machine tub with hot water, add Epsom salt, and run an agitate/soak/agitate cycle to dissolve detergent build-up (please consult your machine’s instruction manual for specific instructions).

Epsom Salt Uses: GARDENING
Fertilize your houseplants: Most plants need nutrients like magnesium and sulfur to stay in good health, and Epsom salt makes the primary nutrients in most plant foods (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) more effective. Sprinkle Epsom salt once weekly to help nourish your houseplants, flowers, and vegetables.
Keep your lawn green: Magnesium sulfate crystals, when added to the soil, provide vital nutrients that help prevent yellowing leaves and the loss of green color (magnesium is an essential element in the chlorophyll molecule) in plants. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and sprinkle on your lawn to keep the grass healthy and green.
Insecticide spray: Use Epson salts on your lawn and in your garden to safely and naturally get rid of plant-pests.

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  1. Such an amazing post!! Some of the tips even I did not know about until now😊


    1. ketoqueen6 says:

      Thanks….neither did I know some of them, till I researched it further.

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  2. Emma says:

    I didn’t know Epsil Salt had so many benefits !! Great post 🖤


    1. ketoqueen6 says:

      Thanks…amazing how we continue to learn more and more, day by day.

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