H20. The Start Of A Hifdh Journey And Blogging About It.

Todays post actually contains two posts in one….an added bonus for all those readers enjoying our hifdh motivation! It shares 2 delightful stories, that were posted few years ago and that I came across recently. It really uplifted my spirits and brought a smile to my heart too. I hope you enjoy them, are motivated by them and that they become a means of enhancing your hifdh journey also. 


Why I’m blogging about my Hifdh journey

June 12, 2014 By Sara 

I have wrestled with the idea of blogging about my hifdh journey for some time. It’s so open, so out there, so not me. And more importantly, it seems kind of…wrong. I mean, I should be keeping my good deeds to myself right? Riyaa (showing off) – what if I’m just doing it to show people that I’m a-mazing? Nifaaq – what if I just write all of these posts and don’t practice any of it consistently, or at all? Scary scary thoughts.

But then, I read two articles that pushed me to take this leap. One on potty-training and one on flying alone with an infant and toddler.

Come again? Yes, that’s confusing and random, but let me explain.

While hunting for something on the internet (something I do rather frequently), I came across the above-mentioned articles, both written by non-Muslim mom bloggers. Both articles made me feel empowered. I now had information on topics that before had just plain scared me. They gave me tips, helpful ones, that I actually used and it was comforting to read about other moms who had been there and done that.

So it comes down to this, riyaa and nifaq will always have to be guarded against. May Allah protect us! But I’m going to write as frequently as I can. I’ll write to keep track of and reflect on my progress. I’ll write so my children can one day experience and hopefully – learn from my journey. And I’ll write in the hope that other Muslim mamas out there will share their own experiences learning Allah’s Book so that we can inspire and assist one another.


100 – The start of a Hifdh Journey

July 30, 2014 By Sara 

10 years ago, just before my sister and I set off for University, my father came to us and talked a little bit about the benefits of Surah Mulk. He said he’d give us $100 each as a prize if we memorized it. He gave us a month, 30 days, 30 ayaat, and that was that.  Both of us did it, not really for the $100, but because it was something he was asking us to do (he rarely asked for anything) and I guess we wanted to do it for him.

What my dad started was a life-long desire to learn Allah’s Book. Memorizing Surah Mulk lead me to want to memorise the rest of the 29th Juz. Those undergraduate years were the ones in which I memorised the most Qur’an in the shortest amount of time to date. I believe it opened up the doors of ‘ilm. It was during those years that I began actively looking for teachers for Hifdh and Tajweed, I began to take formal Arabic classes and started attending AlMaghrib and AlKauthar courses. 

The lesson here?

Go ahead, do it. Take that step toward memorizing Allah’s Book. Make du’a, check your intention and go for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re 60 or or 20 because subhanAllah, you don’t know what doors it will open up – now and for the rest of your life. For here I am, 10 years later, still gripped with the desire to memorise and live by Allah SWT’s Words. And it all started with a $100.


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