H22. The Benefits of Listening to Al-Quraan Abundantly.

Today’s post is an edited version from the link shared below. A brother gives his personal account of benefits witnessed by him listening to Al-Quraan excessively. Here’s hoping it motivates us all to increase our listening of Quraanic recitations and audio, so that we too may witness it numerous benefits.


Personal Experience

The reason behind writing this article is my own personal experience with the Holy Quran. I was with the Holy Quran all the time; even while. sleeping I used to leave the radio on and listen to the Holy Quran. As a matter of fact, I had no idea at that time about the technique of learning during sleep!!!
After a few months, I noticed great changes inside me. I felt that each one of my brain cells was vibrating and reacting with the voice of the Holy Quran recitation I was listening to. I was memorizing the Holy Quran using the technique of listening and repeating the chapter many times. Therefore, I found that the verses of the Holy Quran were getting easily into my memory.

Consequently , I’d like to mention to my dear readers the results I got from the long periods of listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran: I feel now that I have become stronger than before, that the immunity of my body has increased ,and my character has become better, especially in dealing with people. The Holy Quran has also awakened the sense of creativity inside me and all these articles I wrote in a short period were the result of reading and listening to the Holy Quran constantly .

So we can see that listening to the Holy Quran does not only help in healing illnesses, but also contributes to developing the human personality and the communication skills together with the ability of creativity and coming up with new ideas. Therefore, you, dear reader, can try this and definitely will get fantastic results.

During my meditation with the Holy Quran , I found that there is a very precise digital system in each verse. Those verses, however, do not only carry the language of numbers but also carry some thing like what we call “data” or “programs” that can deal with the cells. Therefore, we can say that those verses carry the language of those cells!!!!
The reader may think this unscientific theory, but I assure you that I found a lot of verses in the Quran confirming that the Holy Quran verses carry a lot of data exactly like those normal radio waves used in carrying information, music, sounds and so on.

When Allah tells us that this Holy Quran is “a healing”, this means that it carries data and programs sufficient to heal the damaged cells in the body and cures what the doctors were incapable of.

The easiest medicine for all illnesses and diseases

Dear reader! I can say confidently according to my experience that from a simple change in your life you can get unexpected big results that may change your life completely as it happened to me. What you have to do is listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran as much as you can all the time: in the morning, in the afternoon , at night, while you are asleep, when you awake up and before you sleep. What you need to listen to the Holy Quran…. is to have a media such as a Lap Top, a tape recorder, a small iPod or mp3 with headphones, a radio or any other device.

The Holy Quran recitation sound has wave sounds that have a certain frequency and a certain wave length. These waves spread wave fields that affect the brain positively and restore its balance. This grants the body a strong immunity to resist illnesses or diseases such as Cancer. Cancer is a disorder in the performance of the cells, so listening to the Holy Quran reprograms the cells as a computer which was full of viruses and was “reformatted” and downloaded with new programs in order to perform effectively. This is what man-made programs do for computers. What about the programs which are carried in the words of Allah, the creator of all human beings.

The amazing effect resulting from Listening to Quran

 The continuous listening to the recitation of Holy Quran gives you the following real fruitful results:

–  increase the immunity of the body

–  enhance the creativity sense

–  improve the concentration ability

–  heal the chronic and incurable illnesses

-change the behavior and enable people to communicate better and gain trust

– create inner peace and heal the neural tensions

– heal nervousness, irritation and precipitation

– improve the ability of taking right decisions

– decrease fear and hesitation

-improve and strengthen the personality

– heal the normal illnesses such as allergy, headache, flu ,etc.

– improve the speech ability

– protect from diseases such as cancer and so on

-Change some bad habits such as excessive eating and smoking

 Dear reader! those things I mentioned above are the results I myself got: I remember I was a heavy smoker and could not imagine giving up smoking ever, but after the continuous listening to the Holy Quran I found myself giving up smoking without any effort. I was really surprised how my life changed and wondered why? But after I read about the recent technique in healing, one of which was the therapy by sounds and sound frequencies, I knew the secret of this great change in my life. It was listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran. What I simply did was only listen to the Holy Quran abundantly.

To conclude, I ‘d like to tell you a fact that I encountered….howsoever you spend your time in reading or listening to the Holy Quran, you will find that this time will not be wasted nor decreased. But you will notice that you will always have an extra time. You will find that some work that often takes sometimes days or hours can be done in a short span of time!!!

“O mankind! There has come unto you an exhortation from your Lord , a healing for that which is in the breasts and a guidance and a mercy for believers . 
Say : In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy, therein let them rejoice . It is better than what they hoard . (Jonah:10:57,58)”


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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