78. One Minute Keto Muffins

1 minute keto muffins are an easy go-to recipe. They only require 5 basic ingredients and are ready in about 1 minute. Not only that, you can experiment with them by adding more ingredients to make them sweet or savoury (see variations below recipe).

They can replace bread, bagels, muffins and even cupcakes. The possibilities are almost endless. The original recipe I followed didn’t have butter in it as this one does….you are free to omit the butter but I’m sure they won’t taste or come out as good.


 1 large egg

2 tsp coconut flour

1 tblsp butter or coconut oil (melted)

pinch baking soda or baking powder

pinch salt

Grease a ramekin dish (or two) with coconut oil or butter. In a mug, mix all the ingredients together with a fork to ensure it is lump free.

Place the 1 minute keto muffin dough in the greased ramekin/s and cook in the microwave on HIGH till just set… (40 secs to 1 minute depending on microwave). Alternatively, they can be baked in an oven, at 200C/400F for 12 minutes. Or baked in an airfryer for appprox 3 mins, checking time to time to see if done. Topple and serve.

Below are 5 variations you could make using the recipe above and additions below:

1. SWEET 1 MINUTE KETO MUFFINS– 1 (or 2) tsp sweetener

2. NUTTY 1 MINUTE KETO MUFFINS– 2 tsp nut butter and 1 (or2) tsp sweetener

3. CINNAMON 1 MINUTE KETO MUFFINS – 1 (or 2) tsp sweetener and 1 tsp cinnamon. When cooked, sprinkle with sweetener and cinnamon.

4. CHEESY 1 MINUTE KETO MUFFINS – 2 tbsp grated/shredded cheese and 1 tsp chopped chives

5. SPINACH N FETA 1 MINUTE KETO MUFFINS – 2 tbsp grated shredded cheese and some chopped cooked spinach leaves


These muffins could also be a quick and tasty idea for easy keto casserole dumplings. Make the 1 minute keto muffins as per recipe, then cut them in half and pop them top of any casserole, maybe even sprinkle the casserole and dumplings with cheese before putting the lid back on. Wow! Easy peasy dumplings in a jiffy!

Tip:  If you don’t have or like coconut flour, you can substitute 2 tsp coconut flour for 2 tblsp almond meal/flour instead, still using the basic recipe and omitting coconut flour. Enjoy Your Low Carb Muffin Baking!!!

Today’s post was edited and adapted from the link below: 



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