8o. Year of Keto: To Lose 100 Pounds Pregnancy Weight Gain

Here’s an awesome, motivating Keto Experience Post from Leila Rahmanian. After she gained nearly ‘100 pounds’ from back to back pregnancies she says: “I did not look like myself, was depressed, and morbidly obese. It was horrific, disgusting and didn’t help either that I was completely addicted to sugar and didn’t know how that was a major contributing factor to my ‘100 pound’ weight gain.” Read her post on ‘Keto Dieting’ and be motivated!


So last March, hubby and I ( Leila Rahmanian) decided to just do the ketogenic diet for ten days. We both lost a ridiculous amount of weight during those ten days so decided to just keep going. The first few days weren’t bad, but then we got hit with this thing called “keto flu” and that sucked. We would get brain fog, palpatations, nausea, head-aches and upset stomach. Apparently it’s normal, you just kind of have to ride it out. Drinking broth and lots and lots of water helps. 

At the one month mark we had each lost around 20 pounds, and had started to feel a little better from the keto flu. It is normal to feel complete $h!t during the first month as you are completely rewiring your body to burn ketones (fat) instead of glucose. We felt much better during the second month, but I still had carb cravings that were making me crazy. The only thing that would help them was eating sugar free jello topped with heavy sugar free whipped cream and chewing gum. I would also give myself pep talks in my head. I would tell myself that these cravings are the result of the sugar withdrawals, and I needed to be stronger and rise above it, just like those recovering addicts I used to work with when I was a social work intern.

Then by the third month of no carbs, all the cravings had completely gone, and I was feeling GREAT! I had mental clarity, felt so much more energetic, and would never get hungry. I would eat as much as I wanted to and although I hit a plateau, my clothes continued to get bigger and bigger while my stomach continued to shrink. Every three months I would have to buy a new pair of jeans as they would keep falling off. I loved that feeling- the wonderful sensation that consumes you when your pants start to fall off your waist and your clothes become loose. PURE BLISS! 

Seven months had passed, and by the time October rolled around I had lost around 40/50 pounds and was looking and feeling great. I also went to the doctor to do some blood work to have everything checked out (as some say this diet can raise cholesterol and blood pressure). Everything was normal. My cholesterol was great, blood pressure great, sugar was normal, and I was no longer pre diabetic. On a side note, I also completely stopped getting pimples and yeast infections.

I still have about ten more pounds to go but I’m not stressing about it as I don’t plan on ever permanently stopping this diet. Yea I will have days where I eat carbs, but we have a system and rules in place about that. We are  allowed to eat carbs during the month of December and also whenever we get sick. Regarding fruit, occasionally we will split an apple and put peanut butter on it. We may also eat 2 strawberries each and dip them in heavy whipped cream, but we only introduce small amounts of fruit once we have been in ketosis for a long time, and definitely not when we just start. On a side note… hubby lost a TON of weight too and fits into all his stylish ted baker clothes from back when he was single.

Anyways, if you aren’t familiar with the Ketogenic diet here are some pointers for you if you’re thinking about starting it:
CARBS ARE ENEMY #1. You want to stay far away from them. Don’t eat them. Don’t buy them. Don’t look at them. Don’t even think about them. By carbs I mean anything that has more than 5g of carbs on the nutrition label. You can’t eat anything with sugar in it (doesn’t matter if it’s honey or brown sugar or cane sugar or organic sugar) ALL types of sugar are bad. You can’t eat bread, pasta, rice, fruit, starchy vegetables, beans, lentils, or even red or orange vegetables. 

FAT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND: The more fat you eat on this diet, the more fat you burn. If you stop eating carbs then your body goes into fat burning mode, and starts to burn all the fat in your body. Don’t go overboard on the protein though, as that can turn into glucose. If you’re going to have eggs, fry them in butter or add a bunch of full fat mayo. Just add butter or coconut oil to everything! Beware of milk though, it has lots of sugar (called lactose). 

PLAN AND BE PREPARED: Make weekly meal plans, have keto friendly food available to you…. boil eggs every day. If I’m in a rush or don’t have time to cook I’ll just grab a boiled egg, smear some mayo on it, and eat it with 2 cheese strings and some macedamia nuts dipped in cream cheese. Do weekly grocery shopping so that your veggies remain fresh. Put one day a week aside for food prep. Make a ton of salad, chop up your veggies and store for the rest of the week. Cook a bunch of meat and then freeze and pop into the microwave before dinner time. 

FIND A BUDDY: Find someone to accompany you on this journey. It’s nice to have someone go through the withdrawals with.
FIND WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED: Some people are all about staying positive and others not so much. I am in the latter group. I like to watch fat shaming videos on youtube. Find what works for you. 

DON’T CHEAT!!!!!! Especially during the first three months, where you will be doing the most fat burning and losing the most weight. That is because once you eat carbs your body immediately goes back into glucose burning mode. Then it takes your body around 4 days to get back into Ketosis, during which you won’t be able to lose weight.
ALWAYS KEEP SNACKS IN SIGHT: so you don’t get hungry. Eat as much as you want, just not carbs. If you get hungry in between meals, munch on some broccoli and full fat ranch dressing. Avoid anything low fat. Have some macedamia nuts, cheese, sugar free jello with heavy whipped cream. Or make keto friendly cupcakes.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MODERATION: You cannot moderately have sugar or carbs if you are on this diet…it just doesn’t work for me. It would be like telling an alcoholic to only have a few sips of alcohol every once in a while. 

DON’T COUNT CALORIES. COUNT CARBS: Eat until you are full then stop eating. Regarding the carbs, you are supposed to eat under 25g of carbs per day…an apple is about 20g carbs. So instead of eating one apple per day or a slice of bread, it’s better to have vegetables instead. I like to have a cup or two of salad with full fat dressing at the end of the night to go with my meat dish.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER: You want to drink around 100 oz per day. I sometimes add lemon juice to my water to help prevent kidney stones. You should also in the beginning eat lots of salt to replenish electrolytes. Hope those tips will help guide you in the right direction if your thinking about starting this diet. I also recommend buying Ketostix. The darker purple it becomes the more ketones you are expelling in your urine. Yes, it literally means you are peeing out your fat. This will keep you on track as it provides you with a way to find out if you’re doing it right. You can find them at any pharmacy. 

This Keto thing started as a diet and then it turned into a lifestyle. It’s the best diet I’ve ever been on because I don’t experience hunger, and I keep losing weight. I don’t need to work out either, although if I did work out I would have probably lost a lot more weight than I did. When my body switches over to burning glucose after I eat carbs, it makes me literally feel sick, like something is rotting in my stomach. I now only feel good when I’m in Ketosis and not eating carbs.


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