98. Boiled Egg Cooker + ‘Egg Pudding’ Recipe

Many people buy an electric egg cooker for the same reason others buy a toaster or a plug in kettle, instead of using the grill or hob. They feel its less hassle, less cleaning up and more efficient, saving money in the long run, plus saving on electricity/gas and time. Though one could use a pan to boil eggs, just remember that you are wasting all that water and time too… in heating up a whole pan. The egg cooker however uses a wee bit of water and gets to the boiling point quicker because there is less water.

Many low carbers find that eggs become an important daily or almost daily staple in their diets. I always maintain if we keep things simple and sustainable, we will be better able to stick to newer, healthier habits. So, besides cooking us soft boiled and hardboiled eggs, the egg cooker is also able to cook omelettes and poached eggs. But did you ever imagine you could even make  mugbreads, mugcakes, one minute carb carb substitute (check post 91) egg pudding, steamed vegetables etc???? 

Well I did not … and am simply blown away by this fact too. Sure it needs a little experimenting with cooking times and water amounts in the beginning plus caution when opening the dome to check ( use a glove so you dont get burnt by steam) but my cooker weighs under 500g which makes it a really marvellous item to go on vacation with. Oh and for those who have one already or find that theirs doesn’t have an egg poacher or omelette tray …dont stress. Find a steel or microwave-proof bowl that fits over the boiled egg tray and you should be able to make your steamed goodies this way.


200ml full cream milk

1 tblsp xylitol

Few drops stevia

2 eggs (beaten)

TOPPING (optional)

1 tsp cinnamon powder 

1 tsp dessicated coconut

Mix 200ml milk + one tblsp xylitol and few stevia drops to sweeten. Heat this milk in the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and mix this with 2 beaten eggs. Pour the mixture thru a strainer into bowl/s and steam in your oven or pot (over a water-bath) OR steam it in a boiled egg maker (I used one third cup of water to steam mine), till set. Allow to chill in fridge or serve warm. Sprinkle cinnamon and dessicated coconut over and serve.(optional)


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