Final Words/ Farewell Note:

Due to the fasting month of Ramadaan coming up soon (and other commitments), I have decided to end/finish off the ketoqueen diet blog posts at ‘post 100.’ I am hoping that post 100 of ‘keto/ lchf blog contents’ will make it easier for newbies as well as others, to be able to locate the post they may be interested in finding and reading up on. In a final post I will post a ‘Contents Page B’ of  ketoqueen ‘hifz/quraan posts’ InshaAllah.

My fervent thanks go out to all those who supported me in this ‘blook’ (aka blog-book), esp those who constantly took the time to send their ‘likes’ and also those who encouraged me on this remarkable journey and ‘followed’ as well. Very special thanks go out to my daughters …who took the time to teach me to blog and often were required to fix errors and settings. I really, really appreciate all the help and lessons and can’t thank you all enough. Jazakillah Khair.🌼🌸💝

I really hope that ‘Almighty Allah’ (God) makes this blog a noteworthy means of uplifting the nation and empowering the sick, obese and those battling with health issues, to be better able to understand ‘good and bad carbs’ and ‘good and bad’ fats. May Almighty Allah also restore us all back to more vibrant health, reduced pain and inflammation and allow us all to de-age, by learning to start eating more cleaner, healthier, ‘low-carb: healthy -fat’ wholefoods. Aameen.



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