H 1.   Why Ketoqueen?

H 2.  Starting My Hifz Journey

H 3.  Hifz Tips (Part 1)

H 4.  Hifz Tips ( Part 2)

H 5.  Dua for Memorization

H 6.  Consistency is The Key (Part 1)

H 7.  Consistency is The Key (Part 2)

H 8.  Miswaak Motivation

H 9.  Hifz Completion In A Shorter Time Frame

H 10. How To Develop Love For Quran In Our Children

H 11. The Story Of Umm Zayd

H 12. Memorizers Of The Quran

H 13. Status

H 14. Aspire To Become A Haafidah

H 15. The Hafidh’s Journey

H 16. Stop Making Excuses!

H 17. How To Memorise Daily And Not Procrastinate.

H 18. Hifz Memorization Tips

H 19. Overcoming Habut( Mental Blocks, Laxity, Laziness)

H 20. The Start Of A Hifdh Journey And Blogging About It

H 21. The 3D’s Of Hifdh Success

H 22. The Benefits Of Listening To Al- Quran Abundantly

H 23. Ten Tips For Serious Seekers Of The Quraan: Part One

H 24. Ten Tips For Serious Seekers Of  The Quran: Part Two

H 25. Music Or Quran?

H 26. 7 Reasons To Start Memorizing The Quran:

H 27. 10 Etiquettes Of Reading The Holy Quraan

H 28.  Part 1: Enhancing Your Hifz Learning

H 29.  Part 2: Enhancing Your Hifz Learning

H 30. Thirty Five Facts Every Muslim Should Know About Al -Qur’an

H 31. Effortless Memorization

H 32. Hidden Secrets In The Qur’an For The Cure Of Ailments


3 Comments Add yours

  1. zed005 says:

    Ah, we’re going to miss you! My brother is becoming a Hafiz (remember him in your duas as well please!), so the tips and motivations and advice’s were really appreciated! Jazakallah Khair ❤ May Allah continue to use you and us for the khidmat of Deen, امين 🌻


    1. ketoqueen6 says:

      Aameen summa Aameen💝


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